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A really petite model with a natural body and tattoos, AntonellaxGraay is tiny, but she’s vicious and dominant with all her subordinates. If you’re looking for someone to fulfill all your smoking fetish webcam desires, she’s more than capable. After all, who doesn’t like a strong woman who lights up a cigarette and confidently blows the smoke in your face?

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I guess we all do, so it certainly won’t be a problem to worship her beautiful tiny feet while she’s dropping ash all over your head. Make sure to lick them, or even suck on her toes, she’s going to appreciate your submissiveness. Then she’ll tell you to stand straight and drop your pants down. Looking at your crotch, she’s surprised, an erect cock no bigger than the cigarette in her hands.

Guess she’ll have to punish you with JOI. You get one stroke each time she puffs the cigarette, no more, and no less. In the meantime, she’ll get her hand closer to her wet pussy and finger herself. As her moans get louder, your desire to jerk off faster will grow. That makes her tease you even more by using a dildo, blowing smoke in your face, and ruining your orgasms while you watch her twitch in pleasure.

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